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wheatking brewer
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festa juice wine kits

Post #1 by wheatking brewer » 4 years ago

anyone have experience with these kits? the instructions dont mention anything about degassing the wine. it came with yeast, bentonite and some sodium metabisulphate. does this kit not require degassing or any clearing agents? this is my first 23L pail. ive only ever done the kits you add water to.
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Re: festa juice wine kits

Post #2 by Winger » 4 years ago

I've never used these kits but I have made lots of fruit (saskatoon) wine. You don't necessarily need clearing agents, time will help clear your wine but it may take 6 months before you bottle.
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Re: festa juice wine kits

Post #3 by beerdrinker » 4 years ago

I think the video from Festa Juice suggested to age it for 6 months. Thats probably more than enough time for natural clearing.

How did the kit turn out? I'm thinking of picking up a pail for comparison to the Costco whites I picked up.
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Re: festa juice wine kits

Post #4 by Wingeezer » 4 years ago

Haven't tried Festa wine kits - I'm cheap, and when I do make wine, not often these days, I only use the inexpensive Costco kits - always found them quite acceptable for my unsophisticated tastes, and certainly a bargain!

But I always de-gas the wine. I stir to degas it as per the instructions with the kit, but then as well, I also put a vacuum pump on the carboy and run the pump until bubbles stop appearing! It is surprising how much more the gets out!

I can't see it doing any harm with the Festa kits and I probably would do it anyway whether in the instructions or not!

With wines, I have always used a clearing agent, and in addition found that using a Buon Vino electric wine filter really brightened up the appearance of the wine - I think it is only a cosmetic thing, but it looks much nicer!


PS - I did try a couple of the Festa Brew pasteurized wort kits before getting fully into all-grain brewing, and was quite happy with the results and would do one again if pressed for time to have a "brew day!"
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Re: festa juice wine kits

Post #5 by beerdrinker » 4 years ago

Festa Juice kits can go as low as $36 depending on the variety, thats not much more than the cheap Costco kits. Definitely worth a shot. Once I clear out my temp controlled chest freezer I'm going to make up a Festa Juice batch.

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