Simple Crab Apple Wine Recipe?

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Simple Crab Apple Wine Recipe?

Post by Cory1921 » 5 years ago

Hey all, started making beer and wine kits couple months ago and I am now thinking of attempting to make some crab apple wine from scratch since I have access to a ton of apples on my grandmas farm. Was wondering if anyone had a simple crab apple wine recipe, if so if you could message me or post it here I would appreciate it, thanks!

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Re: Simple Crab Apple Wine Recipe?

Post by Olfart » 5 years ago

I have two batches on the go right now using this method, but I did used beer yeast (for taste reasons) and corn sugar, and am getting close to a second racking of the cider. I stole a taste glass after the first, it had a bit of a yeast flavor, but tasted excellent otherwise.

I did not use any yeast nutrient, the cider was fresh pressed and did not need any, the primary ferment was very active during the first week.

I am setting a target date of around Christmas for drinking it, if its clear enough after 3 weeks from first racking I will bottle it as is.

Its a test run, so its pretty much a trial and error process.
There are lots of other recipes online if you search for "Hard Apple Cider"

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Re: Simple Crab Apple Wine Recipe?

Post by ruf1 » 5 years ago

:welcome: to the forum olfart :cheers:

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