Topping up port for secondary fermentation

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Topping up port for secondary fermentation

Post by migrantworkable » 6 years ago

I'm trying to make a saskatoon berry port (or port-style wine). I wasn't able to find a saskatoon berry wine recipe on the internet (this was before I realized they were also called serviceberries), so I modified one from a blueberry recipe.
I thought I'd have a recipe that would make at least a gallon, but it's looking like that won't be the case. My concern is what I should do for topping up. I don't want to dilute the saskatoon flavour, so I'd prefer not to add in distilled water. I do need to fortify the wine, but was planning on using Everclear since that doesn't impact the flavours too much of what it goes into (or so I've heard). I was going to fortify at 6%.

I have some 2012 frozen saskatoons, so I was going to try and make juice out of those to help top it up, because a little Everclear goes a long way. I also found some saskatoon berry liquor (the only mickey they had at 12% alcohol), so I would add that in, and then fortify with the Everclear until I had 18%.

Alternatively, if I don't have a lot of saskatoon juice, I was thinking of using blueberry or grape juice and hoping it doesn't overpower the saskatoons.

Does this sound like a solid plan?
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