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New High Temp Yeast

Posted: |26 Jul 2019|, 07:12
by Reignman
What is with all of the new high temp yeast strains out there? Has anyone used them? Why would I want to ferment at 30 C anyway? What does the beer taste like? I am still an old school brewer brewing traditional styles, eg. Pils, Kolsch, Marzen, AIPA's, etc.

Re: New High Temp Yeast

Posted: |28 Jul 2019|, 11:34
by ECH
The Kviek strains from Scandinavia are like that. You don't have to ferment them that high if you don't want to, but they do give different characteristics to the beer, depending on the temperature they are fermented at.

Re: New High Temp Yeast

Posted: |29 Jul 2019|, 09:46
by Warthaug
I've brewed a lot with the Kveik strains (search "kveik" on my blog for all the details.

Fermented at normal-to-slightly high ale temps (16-25C) they produce very clean beers, with the lower end of that range giving you almost lager-like finishes. At the higher end (25-43C, not a typo) they become more expressive, giving citrus or tropical fruit esters (exact flavour depends on strain). Pitch rate also plays a big part - big pitches = clean beer, teeny-tiny pitches give more esters.