Over Building Yeast Starters

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Over Building Yeast Starters

Post by Reignman » 10 months ago

Instead of washing my yeast, I am thinking on over building yeast starters by 100 B cells, ( who knows right? ). So, I use the original starter and make a beer. The next time I want to make beer, I simply over build the one in the fridge by 100 B cells and keep doing it? Is it that easy?

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Re: Over Building Yeast Starters

Post by brhenrio » 10 months ago

Lots of discussion on other places of guys just overbuilding, then keeping a portion in fridge instead of washing. Seems to be the preferred method.
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Re: Over Building Yeast Starters

Post by Warthaug » 9 months ago

Its a great and easy method to use, and the yeast tend to be healthier than using slurry from a completed batch. So long as you keep the container "sealed" (not so tight gas cannot escape - you won't want a bomb - but enough to limit air entry), stored in the fridge a starter is good for either:

1) A month, if your plan is to pitch it as-is
2) 6 months (or more) if you're going to re-run the yeast through a starter
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