4% Biscuit Malt in Recipe

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4% Biscuit Malt in Recipe

Post by Reignman » 1 year ago

I made a British Golden Ale 2 weeks ago and it is quite dominated with biscuit malt.

91.7% Crisp Best Pale Ale
4.2% Biscuit
4.2% Wheat

It has a strong flavour of biscuit which is a little much from what I am used to. I didn't have any other specialty malt on hand, so I decided to toss this together. 4.2% biscuit tastes like I used like 10% or even more. What gives?

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Re: 4% Biscuit Malt in Recipe

Post by Dave » 1 year ago

I use 10% Simpson Amber in my British style beers.
One time I had to sub for the belgian biscuit, I didn't like it.

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Re: 4% Biscuit Malt in Recipe

Post by hawkbox » 1 year ago

Huh, I'm pretty bad a telling malts apart so I may not even notice. Maybe I should try an exbeeriment and see if I can tell when I make 2 almost the same recipes.

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