Can you make a sterile solution

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Can you make a sterile solution

Post by Werwer2018 »

Well I went to Hamilton to pickup some more LME and Carbonation tablets for my next batch of Beer but forgot some sterile rinse solution. Is it possible to make something up. Hate to drive all the way back to Hamilton for that.

Thanks ... Greg
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Re: Can you make a sterile solution

Post by Mr_Tastyfish »

If it's a sanitizing solution you're looking for, there are a couple of options that can be mixed up at home. One would be iodine, the other more common would be bleach. Both will need to be rinsed off of your equipment before use. I'm not sure on just how much you'd want to dilute the bleach in order to use it for sanitizing homebrew equipment, but you should be able to google it and find out. Next time you're at a homebrew supply store (or placing an order with one of the many online suppliers) pick up some Star-San.

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