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Brewing Software

Post by bargoon »

Getting back into brewing and wondering if other brewers use pc brewing software and if they do which ones ?
Thanks all

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Re: Brewing Software

Post by Warthaug »

Beersmith. $20, and worth every penny
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Re: Brewing Software

Post by Reignman »

I am still using Promash, but from what I hear Beersmith is the best one out there.

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Re: Brewing Software

Post by brhenrio »

I use beersmith as well
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Re: Brewing Software

Post by Dee Envy »

I use Biabrewer. Brew in a bag is my method so it suits me fine. It hss a bit of a learning curve, but it is spot on.
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Re: Brewing Software

Post by ECH »

Another vote for Beersmith, best $20 you will ever spend

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Re: Brewing Software

Post by hawkbox »

I use Brewers Friend, not quite as powerful as Beersmith (Which I also have) but available from any computer which lets me work on recipes at work and brew at home. Beersmith has a rather vertical learning curve comparatively.

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