Guava + Pomelo pale ale

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Guava + Pomelo pale ale

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It may be the warm fall we've had this year, or the refusal to exit this summer frame of mind, but I've really been wanting to brew a tropical beer like this. I bought a pound of galaxy this summer and was initially interested in brewing a SMaSH. Then I realized I once bought guava to brew with but it never happened.

I'd like to brew a guava + pomelo pale ale. Something nice and tropical and slightly light, easily drinkable, potentially for the holidays. I was considering brewing it in the New England or smoothie fruit pale ale style. Specific water chemistry, restrained bitterness, oats and white wheat, etc.

Any ideas or tips with this? As with my other fruit-infused alcohols, I'd like to add all fruit in secondary, but I don't have any experience with rind. The pomelo rind is extremely fragrant, so either I use that or a combination of that and the fruit itself. Pomelo is not very juicy, so perhaps only the rind?

Would one add citrus rind at the end of the boil or in secondary? I plan on mashing up guava and racking over it, leaving it for a few days, then dry-hop. I'd most likely use a combination of galaxy, citra, mosaic, something like that.

Thoughts? :stirpot:

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