Fermenting in wine fridge - temperature question

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Re: Fermenting in wine fridge - temperature question

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When I move and get a bigger place I'll make sure to modify a full-sized fridge to handle fermentation like this. As for now, this wine fridge does only go up to 14C, but I'm able to fit a good 3-4 gallons in there in a plastic pail. I'm thinking I'd set the fridge at 14, stick the beer in there once I've gotten it down to pitching temps, and expect the initial fermentation to raise the temp of the beer within the vessel to at least 17C, which is a great fermentation temp if I am not mistaken. After the initial 3-4 days of vigorous fermentation, I could take it out and place it in my living room, which I keep at a cool 18C all winter either way. Winter is truly the best time to ferment here since I like my ambient temp on the cooler side, but I'd like to try experimenting with the fridge.

Since I now own one, I was also going to try lagering my first beer this winter. I was thinking of trying my hand at a Schwarzbier

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