Yeast Slurry Mess

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Yeast Slurry Mess

Post by Reignman » 1 year ago

I brought out my slurry of WLP833 out of the fridge and was sanitizing the rim of the mason jar before I rack off the beer on top. Turned around and it was coming out the top and made a huge mess. I must of lost half of it. I do this on a regular basis and this hasn't happened before. Why this time? No pics though.

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Re: Yeast Slurry Mess

Post by ECH » 1 year ago

There is going to be a build up of CO2 in the bottle. Soon as you unsealed it, same effect as opening a beer, or can of coke, CO2 escapes, making bubbles.

Any slurries I have in the fridge I crack the top on them about once a month so they don't build up too much pressure.

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