Anyone use an Anova "Sous Vide' device in their mash?

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Anyone use an Anova "Sous Vide' device in their mash?

Post by Wingeezer » 1 year ago

I just bought at Anova "Sous Vide" precision cooking device for my wife as a gift, and reading through a related forum came across a possible fringe benefit for me as a home brewer!

For anyone not familiar, sous vide cooking involves immersing foods such as steaks - any many other foods - in vacuum bags or ziplog bags in a heated water bath to cook them very precisely at very accurate temperatures for supposedly great results (Have not tried it yet - I will give it to her on Mothers Day )

The "Anova" (brand name) device is a 900 watt heating element that can be clamped onto a container of water for this purpose. It has built in temperature controller and a circulating propellor and also a bluetooth / wifi app for some level of remote monitoring and control.

At least one person has come up with the idea of using this cooking gadget to better maintain mash temp. control in a picnic cooler.

Seems like a good idea to me and I hope try it (wifey permitting!)

I think I will use it in conjunction with a SS mesh hop bucket in the cooler to keep the grain away from the prop, and also I will stir the mash often for better circulation, but I like the idea. Time will tell how it works.

Just wondering if any one here is familiar and perhaps has experience with this?

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Re: Anyone use an Anova "Sous Vide' device in their mash?

Post by Warthaug » 1 year ago

While I've not done it myself, I've read reports of people using similar devices on other forums. Results seem to be mixed - some have great success, some have issues with the grain in the mash sticking up the pump in the sous vide. Keep in mind the sous vide is meant to heat and circulate water, with the food sealed in a bag, and so most aren't build to deal with particulates and sticky stuff in the mix.

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Re: Anyone use an Anova "Sous Vide' device in their mash?

Post by Genghis » 1 year ago

I have one but have not used it for brewing. If you BIAB like I do, you might have better success as the grain wouldn't be flowing through the device if you keep it outside of the bag.

I probably will never use it in the actual mash. I might try setting it up in my strike water the night before brewday to see if I can have it at temperature in the morning.

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