Fall Suggestions?

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Fall Suggestions?

Post #1 by Hebron » 5 days ago

Greetings fellow brewers! I was sitting on my deck last night with a light lager in hand when I felt a change in the wind. It turns out it was a tornado blowing over me (it landed in the next town), but what followed was a chilly cold front that reminded me that fall is not that far off! Call me crazy, but I love fall, and one of the reasons is because of the great fall beers. Being my first autumn as a homebrewer, I'm looking for suggestions on where to begin experimenting. What are some of your favourites?
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Re: Fall Suggestions?

Post #2 by Warthaug » 5 days ago

Bitters are great for fall
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Re: Fall Suggestions?

Post #3 by brhenrio » 5 days ago

Oktoberfest? I like my malty browns and red ales in the fall too.
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Re: Fall Suggestions?

Post #4 by twistandstout » 1 day ago

My favourite beer to brew in the fall is my house black IPA, which I am brewing this year using exclusively 100% home-grown wet chinook hops. I'm quite excited about it.

To answer your question more generally, you could try your hand at:

A dark ale or black IPA, as mentioned above
A pumpkin ale using traditional pumpkin pie spices and baked pumpkin flesh
A nice warming red ale

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