Two New Moderators Added (and what you can do about spam)

Official communications to and from the Canadian Homebrewers Forum management.
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Two New Moderators Added (and what you can do about spam)

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Fellow CHBers, :)

Two New Moderators:
I am pleased to announce that I appointed our community's first two moderators yesterday: B&SCUSTOMEQUIPEMENT and ihomebrewing.

I trust both of these friendly, respectable gentlemen. Both have been loyal, helpful, contributing members since the launch of, and I am very lucky to have their continued support in their new roles. Each of them has brought a wealth of knowledge, experience, and resources to our community, and will now be contributing additionally by helping in the day-to-day maintenance of the forums.

Growing Pains (SPAM):
The community has been growing steadily, and so has the number of spammers. Spam and unwanted advertising is the cancer of any forum, and is not a problem unique to our community. As administrator and moderators, the three of us we will be keeping an eye out for spam posts, deleting them as they surface, and removing the malicious users from our forums.

That said, there will always be instances that will go undetected by us. To some extent, we rely on all community members to report spam or abusive members whenever problems arise. The most effective way is to PM (Private Message) us. Alternatively, you can use the reporting button that is found next to all posts.

What moderators can/will do:
- Remove spam and unwanted advertisements.
- Remove malicious users from the forums.
- Answer general questions on how to use the forums.
- Remove a thread or post of YOURS, if you request that it be removed.
- Correct spelling in titles of threads (for searchability).
- Move a thread from one category to a more appropriate category.
- 'Sticky' a thread if it is of significant importance or benefit to the gross majority of CHBers.

What moderators can't/won't do:
- Be mediators for arguments.
- Remove posts of others' that you disagree with.
- Censor the forums in any way. ihomebrewing said it best:
I believe that censorship is a very serious crime, and will stand by this belief, as an active moderator of your forum. Forums exist for the exchange (sometimes heated exchange) of information, and even personal beliefs presented as facts must be allowed, and exhaustively, repeatedly, argued out to the fullest.
Ownership and affiliations:
I, XXXXX, am the sole owner of CHB, and I do not profit in any way from running this website. Although moderators (and members alike) are free to offer homebrewing-related services/products, it is important to note that none of these are affiliated with CHB, or me. Similarly, moderators do not receive any compensation or benefits for the work they do here; we are all doing it on a volunteer basis with the intention of expanding the hobby's breadth in Canada.

This is a "small" community, and my intention is to keep it feeling that way, regardless of how large it grows. To accomplish this, I feel it is paramount that all users be able to speak freely about issues that concern them.

As always, I invite all CHBers to contact me whenever they see fit,

XXXXX (Adam)
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Re: Two New Moderators Added (and what you can do about spam

Post by stanzela »

Thanks, guys, for putting so much thought, time and effort into this great forum. It certainly doesn't go unnoticed or unappreciated. Looking forward to seeing it grow.

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