New to CHB

New to Canadian Homebrewers? Tell us a little about yourself and your homebrewing setup!
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New to CHB

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Hello from the East Coast on little 'ol PEI. I have been brewing for over 40 years with some gaps of a few years on moves, building , parenting, you all know how the story goes. My first brews were of course liquid malt (anyone remember the old Doric stuff?) and then on to John Bull and Moutons. Some brewing with DME's but hard to find unless getting over to a Halifax brewshop. Moved on from LME's and DME's to prepped wort brews like Festabrew for a number of years. Spent about 2 years reading and reading and reading about all grain homebrewing, then decided to take the plunge about 10-11 years ago. Opted for a BIAB approach as brewing space and finances were limited. Used pre-made grain recipes(crushed) for a couple of years and then got a Monster mill, BeerSmith, grains and hops, and additives and rest is history. Now like most that got hooked, I have bags of base, packages of specialties and adjuncts, containers of hops and yeasts in freezers and fridges,(also numerous yeast packets that expired years ago but can't seem to want to toss, lol). This of course not to mention a wife who shakes her head on the time I spend at the hobby, bbbuttt, does enjoy the beer. Anyway I enjoy all grain alot. I do quite a variety of beers, most based on UK and German classics. I like some of the American varieties but not a big fan of NEIPA's, IPA's, DIPA's. I do like them but so expensive to make on hop additions and not exactly a mower beer either. Ok, happy to be here and see what brewers are up to!

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Re: New to CHB

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In the fermentor: Golden Sour, Not a Pill v2
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Tap 4:

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Re: New to CHB

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Welcome also.

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Re: New to CHB

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welcome to CHB. Im about as far from you as possible, but beer brings everyone closer!

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Re: New to CHB

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Welcome to the forum

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