Hello from Slave Lake, Alberta

New to Canadian Homebrewers? Tell us a little about yourself and your homebrewing setup!
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Hello from Slave Lake, Alberta

Post by Ar33 » 4 months ago

Hello all! Just wanted to introduce myself as I am new to CanadianHomeBrewers.com.
I'm a new home brewer with about 12 batches under my belt. My preferred method is biab with a dunk sparge (kind a of a variation of a batch sparge). My preferred style are hoppy IPAs and pale ales, though I regularly brew other styles as well (NEIPA, Witbier, stout). My next batch is going to be a kettle sourd Berliner weisse. Happy brewing

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Re: Hello from Slave Lake, Alberta

Post by brhenrio » 4 months ago

Welcome! Key piece of advice with a kettle sour is to do a quick boil and then chill to pitching temp for the lacto while keeping the lid on.
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Re: Hello from Slave Lake, Alberta

Post by bargoon » 4 months ago

Hello Ar33,
I also do BIAB (in a picnic cooler) with a full volume mash. I'm trying to concentrate on Cream Ales and Northern English Brown Ales.

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