Greetings from Kingsville, ON

New to Canadian Homebrewers? Tell us a little about yourself and your homebrewing setup!
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Greetings from Kingsville, ON

Post #1 by Hebron » 9 months ago

Hi folks. I started brewing last summer after buying a bunch of craft beer for a camping trip and realizing just how expensive it has gotten. My brother, sick of my complaining, said "just make your own!" He got me started with simple mead and cider at first, then kit beers, then we split the cost of some all grain equipment at Christmas. I found BIAB to be an inexpensive and simple method that suits my space constraints. I got a second freezer in March, and some kegs and co2 just last week. I'm back to the trailer this week with 19l of homebrew in tow that cost me about 16 bucks in ingredients. Thanks to Steve at Jakes Homebrew in Windsor for supplies and advice, Patrick at OBK in Mitchell for equipment, and Marshall at Brulosophy for fantastic research that really simplified my approach. I'm now 6 batches in and I think I enjoy brewing it as much as drinking it. Looking forward to learning from this community, maybe getting connected with a local club, and helping others along the way. Cheers to all!
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Re: Greetings from Kingsville, ON

Post #2 by Reignman » 9 months ago

Welcome Hebron
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Re: Greetings from Kingsville, ON

Post #3 by brhenrio » 9 months ago

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Re: Greetings from Kingsville, ON

Post #4 by Mr_Tastyfish » 9 months ago

Welcome! It's always nice to see more people doing BIAB.
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