Hello from North Bay,Ontario

New to Canadian Homebrewers? Tell us a little about yourself and your homebrewing setup!
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Hello from North Bay,Ontario

Post by billd75 » 2 years ago

I am kind of new to beer brewing, but I really like it. I've been brewing the can kits, because that is what I am comfortable with and I find them to be pretty good actually. I have been getting a bit more daring lately and adding my own ingredients to their worts and now using better sugar like spray malt DME's rather than cheap white sugar, although I still prime my bottles with white and I find it is fine. I probably should try some dextrose or corn sugar, or actual priming sugar etc. Like a true Canadian I have been adding Maple Syrup to them, cause I tried a Maple Butter Tart Ontario beer from the LCBO that I liked. I will be experimenting further with adding things like citrus zests like orange etc. and maybe some crushed coriander seed and even honey style brews. Maybe even some cherry's or other dried fruits and spices. Eventually, I will graduate into scratch making beer/boiling grains and I look forward to learning from all the expert brewers in here. So far I have tried some Mr. Beer kits, Cooper's kits, Black Rock and I just brewed a Brew Canada Pilsener kit. I would like to try some Munton's next and a few other brands from my local brew shop. Cheers and thank's for making me part of the community! :cheers:

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Re: Hello from North Bay,Ontario

Post by brhenrio » 2 years ago

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Re: Hello from North Bay,Ontario

Post by Mr_Tastyfish » 1 year ago

Welcome! Can kits can make some drinkable beers, but if you really like to play around and personalize your brews then you'll eventually find yourself switching to all-grain. Of course, there are no "rules" in homebrewing, so go ahead and keep on experimenting. Have fun with it!

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