Hello from Edmonton

New to Canadian Homebrewers? Tell us a little about yourself and your homebrewing setup!
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Hello from Edmonton

Post #1 by creekbottom » 1 year ago

Hey, bit of a newb here. A friend and I spent the summer picking raspberries and are trying out our first wine from scratch. I'll make another post with my questions and you can all laugh lol.

I used to make the wine kits, and that was easy.
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Re: Hello from Edmonton

Post #2 by Reignman » 1 year ago

Welcome :)
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Re: Hello from Edmonton

Post #3 by SmokeyMcB » 1 year ago

Welcome aboard!
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Re: Hello from Edmonton

Post #4 by brhenrio » 1 year ago

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Vienna Märzen
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Re: Hello from Edmonton

Post #5 by elreplica » 1 year ago

Hey there...
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Re: Hello from Edmonton

Post #6 by ruf1 » 1 year ago

Welcome creekbottom

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