Hello from Carleton Place

New to Canadian Homebrewers? Tell us a little about yourself and your homebrewing setup!
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Hello from Carleton Place

Post by Gypsy613 »

Greetings all...
Brand new home brewer here and looking forward to the wealth of information and experience in this forum.
My journey started with kegerator envy , quite a few of my local friends had them I got to tasting bar quality beer out of a rec room and I was hooked.
My kegerator seach was a total circus but finally got 75% of one locally and finished off the parts list from Dafalco's , it was complete.
Little did I know thats where the home brew hobby would start after talking the the previous owner of the kegerator and his costs of brewing compared to brewery prices...I was hooked.
My first batch is brewing in my basement , I chose the Coopers diy kit and am currently fermenting a Festa Brew Blonde.
I opted for the DIY pail method as I didn't want to invest a ton money right away if the end product was sub par.
I'm content to keep going this way for awhile providing I like the end results of my brewing.
In conclusion , thank you in advance for having me here and I look forward to learning from the pro's.

Carleton Place ON

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Re: Hello from Carleton Place

Post by Reignman »

Welcome and I am not a pro, just cheap.

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Re: Hello from Carleton Place

Post by Bodhi »

Greetings Gypsy! Hopefully you have a long fruitful path ahead of you in this great hobby

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Re: Hello from Carleton Place

Post by brhenrio »

Welcome! To the rabbit hole!
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