New brewer.

New to Canadian Homebrewers? Tell us a little about yourself and your homebrewing setup!
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New brewer.

Post #1 by Holiday101 » 2 weeks ago

Hi from Toronto soon to be Tofino.Just did my first brew of a Saison.
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Re: New brewer.

Post #2 by brhenrio » 2 weeks ago

In the fermentors: Commoner's ESB
Tap 1: toy soldier stout
Tap 2: A Boy Named Sue's Root Beer
Up Next: NEIPA or Down the Drain Heferwiezen
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Re: New brewer.

Post #3 by Reignman » 2 weeks ago

Yes, welcome.
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Re: New brewer.

Post #4 by Bodhi » 2 weeks ago

Welcome holiday. its going to be system shock going from TO to Tofino! Good luck! It's beautiful up there.

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