DIY Heat Stick

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Re: Heat Stick

Post by Bodhi » 7 years ago

Thanks for your thoughts docdave. I never leave my boil unattended so the idea of a fire is severely remote but that is a valid concern. The electric kettles are like what I did except they cut a hole in their brew kettle and mound the hot water element in through the side of the pot. Wire connections are now outside the pot!
I like the idea of being able to remove the element when I put in my wort chiller so the heat stick is ideal for me.
In fact, I brewed a Pilsner Urquell last night and I found that I had too much heat. I consistently found myself having to slow down - brewing beer is a process not a race- but all in it took about 3 hours for me to brew my all grain batch (down from 5 prior to the stick!).

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Re: Heat Stick

Post by Venari » 4 years ago

Edit: posted in wrong thread.

also thanks for this tutorial :)
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