CraftBeerPi Raspberry Pi Brewing controller

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CraftBeerPi Raspberry Pi Brewing controller

Post by Manuel »


I'm Manuel and I'd like to introduce my free Raspberry Pi based brewing controller CraftBeerPi.
Maybe it's also interesting for other home brewers.


Simple and easy installation script
Flexible Kettle Setup - From simple 1 kettle preserving cooker to 3 kettle RIMS or HERMS setup
Flexible Brew Step Configuraiton - Configure your own brew steps. From mashing over boiling to whirlpool
Automatic Timer Control. The Step Control will take care of your brew steps.
Import Recipes from "Kleiner Brauhelfer" -Plan your brew at "Kleiner Brauhelfer" and import the recipes to CraftBeerPI
Heater & Agitator Control - Control heater and agitator via web interface
Temperature Chart - Temperature data is recorded and display as a line chart
Mobile Device UI - Control your brew form Smartphone or Tablet
Additional Hardware like pumps or vents can be controlled
Brew Automatic with Overshoot Logic, PID Logic, Fermentation Logic.
Custom Automatic logics can be add
Recipe Book
Support für GPIO, PiFace or Gembird USB Socket
Temperature can be measured in Fahrenheit or Celcius

You will find the software on github.

Here you will find a video of the user interface.

Some user pictures can be found on facebook:


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Re: CraftBeerPi Raspberry Pi Brewing controller

Post by Ryan_m »

Hey Manuel,
Im new to brewing... just getting setup for my first actually. This setup looks very interesting. I've got a RPi sitting around doing nothing so this might be a fun sideline project. I read that you can't do PID so I'm assuming you're doing bang-bang for the heater elements?

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Re: CraftBeerPi Raspberry Pi Brewing controller

Post by joergk »


I am new to this forum. I am a home brewer in southern Alberta and brew since 1983.

My system is one keg (15.3 usgal) 58 L per brew. I have electronic controls, but my plc crashed and I am thinking to switch to the CraftBeerPi.

Is anyone using the CraftBeerPi in this forum?

Any comments are highly appreciated.

With best regards,


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Re: CraftBeerPi Raspberry Pi Brewing controller

Post by gusterminator »

I have set up my Craft Beer Pi to work with my Brewzilla. My Brewzilla has two SSR that turn on 3 different elements. Is there a way I can add two elements in craftbeer pi 4 so the PID will turn them both on and off?
If any body can answer this question it's much appreciated.



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