Brew stand biuld

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Re: Brew stand biuld

Post by bellybuster » 3 years ago

almost there, exciting times ahead

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Re: Brew stand biuld

Post by DangerisBrewing » 2 years ago

Did you build the counterflow wort chiller from scratch, or order a kit?
What length did you make?

PS, great looking build!!
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Re: Brew stand biuld

Post by Diceman » 2 years ago

@DangerisBrewing .. The chiller is done from scratch 25 foot of 3/8 copper tube .
Would be better if it was 50 feet .
I did not go nuts with the cold water when I used it .. I used aprox 15 gallons cold tap water to cool 10 gallons of wort to about 85 F .
fermenter : high gravity fermented Vienna Lager , re-fermenting with abbey ale yeast . kinda experiment .

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